Double Take 

by Malcolm Spurlock
From the Parent Trap to the Full House era, there has always been a sense of captivation and intrigue about identical twins for film and television audiences. Sophomores Jane and Grace Aronds will have their opportunity for twin-stardom on Dec. 9 when they debut on the big screen with featured roles in the upcoming movie The Sitter.
​The Sitter, starring Actor Jonah Hill, is about an irresponsible babysitter with three uncontrollable children, which quickly becomes an overnight adventure through the city. In the film, Jane and Grace will be playing roles they know very well: a set of Twin Sisters. They appear in two scenes with actor Hill, according to 

The Aronds twins were filmed on set for two days in October of last year and were brought back onto the set for one final day of filming over the summer. Along with their lines for the film, the Aronds twins were given the star package: trailers, hair and make-up. “Even though we didn’t have the most important role we felt like we had special treatment during the time we were on set,” said Grace.

During filming, the girls adjusted well with being on a movie set. “On set we were required to walk from our trailers to the shoot with the accompaniment of an assistant. A funny moment for us was once when we were leaving our trailers we instantly were mobbed by a group of school kids for autographs. They had no idea who we were or what part we had, but it made a truly interesting experience,” said Jane. They also found it an enjoyable experience to work with their other cast members. “Jonah Hill is just as funny in person as he is in the movies. He would always play pranks and cause other cast members to laugh really hard, it would sometimes ruin the moment of filming that was going on, but it was worth it,” said Grace. According to the girls the shoot took a lot of time and energy out of them despite being fun. 

Though The Sitter was the largest production the Aronds twins have to date, they are no strangers to being filmed. “We were found by a family friend who created and manages a special agency for twins and multiples.” explained Jane.  Since then, the Aronds twins have starred in calendars, an episode of Martha Stewart’s twin day, extras in the movie Darkwater, and many others. The twins both look forward to continue working together in the future.