Students spooked

by Rachel Chodor
Do you remember Casper, Danny Phantom or the Ghost Busters? If you do, then you might believe that ghosts only exist in  movies and television. Well, a few WHS students have felt a real ghostly chill, and they decided to share their experiences with Hi’s Eye.
“My brother saw a girl walk into my room, so he went to get me, and the door was shut. I was there all along. Another time I saw the same girl walking into our bathroom. My mom and I are the only girls in our house.”
—Victoria Breza, ’15

“I was in Italy, and I took a picture of my friend. When you look at the pictures, there’s a weird figure of a person next to her. My mom thinks it was because she was moving when I took it, but I’m convinced it’s a ghost.”
—Kailey Decker, ’12 

“Two years ago when I was playing video games at 3 a.m., I heard a knocking in my basement and I heard things falling. I went downstairs and everything was on the floor.”
—Divine Prunty, ’13 

“I was at my house last weekend in my room with some friends. We knew we were home alone. We heard someone walking downstairs and heard someone talking, and we went down to see who it was. We heard footsteps walking around but there was no one there, so we ran out of the house.”    
—John Dooley, ’12 

“I was sleeping in my sister’s room and we were on her bed. There was a shadow of a little boy with his knees up to his chest sitting down, and we both still believe he was there.”
—Meghan Murphy, ’12