Boy Bands Are Back

By Katie DeMasi
​Boy bands are back, alright! We all remember prancing around our bedrooms to “Pop” by N’Sync and talking to that poster of the Backstreet Boys on our walls, praying that some day we would marry our favorite group member.


Their frosted tips were in style, their high-pitched voices made any girl’s heart melt and their dance moves were enough to get anyone off their feet. But now that I have gotten older, I have moved on from my boy band crushes, and realized that I will never become Mrs. Nick Carter, so why haven’t the boy bands moved on too?

New Kids on the Block and BSB have just ended their five day Carnival Destiny cruise tour and started their cross-country tour in Philadelphia on June 5. First of all, New Kids on the Block? Seriously? How many times will you try to redeem yourselves? Their first attempt at redemption was back in 2008 when they performed at Z100’s Zootopia and released their song “Summertime,” which was hardly a chart-topper.

Second, the boy band thing was only cute when they were teens. Now, the youngest member of NKOTB, Joey McIntyre, is 38 years old and Nick Carter is the youngest of BSB at age 31. As many of you know, their songs feature difficult choreography. I’m concerned that these men will get severely injured jumping around the stage as if they were 16.

When I think of my favorite boy bands, I remember their pre-pubescent cuteness and hairless faces. Seeing them with facial hair and an extra few pounds would just ruin it all for me. In the words of N’Sync, “I know that I can’t take no more…baby, bye, bye, bye.”