Into the Music of Blue Moon Under

Noelle Mesbah, Web Editor

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From Mayhem to the Spring Fling to Homecoming, WHS’s newest student-led band has been touring all over town this past year, sharing their music and talent with peers and beyond. Blue Moon Under has been seen on just about every stage in the area, wooing crowds with their hit singles “Castles” and “Tell Me.”

The band, which consists of WHS juniors Ethan Manning, Josh Mendelson and Julian Mazzola, WHS senior Tony Peer and Pingry School junior Connor Smith, was formed about two years ago. But the band had existed for years prior, under a variety of different names, including Winging It.
“Julian and I started playing together in fifth grade,” says Smith, the band’s bassist. “After many different people coming and going, Julian, Ethan and I had a steady group in early seventh grade. Half a year later Josh joined, and finally Tony joined during the summer after our freshman year.”
The band’s music writing process is collaborative, usually with ideas being tossed out during rehearsal, then expanded upon by the rest of the group, and eventually turned into a song.
“The best songs come from messing around and having fun,” says Manning, the band’s drummer.
Their lyrics, deep and thought-provoking against an upbeat sound,  are a reflection of the bandmates’ experiences as individuals, brought together into cohesive songs that reflect aspects of life that are reassuringly relatable. They aim to extend the emotions that were felt during the writing process to their audiences, while allowing them to enjoy the rhythm of their indie-rock sound.
“Music in all forms is just an extension of the mind,” says Smith. “What we feel and how we use those feelings is what you hear.”
While the boys all agree that they plan to continue pursuing music throughout their lives, they are unsure of what is next for the band. With guitarist Peer going to college next year, the rest of the band is in the midst of figuring out the future of Blue Moon Under. To stay updated, like their Facebook page (@bluemoonunder).