Immigration: Bringing Our History to Life

Anna Masciandaro, Web Editor

Immigration is in our blood. Our distant ancestors emigrated from different areas for different reasons such as food, and even a few decades ago our not-so-distant ancestors did, too. Some fled persecution, while others sought a better life.

America prides itself on being the great melting pot because that’s what we are. Our country was founded on immigration and many of us wouldn’t be here had our ancestors not emigrated from around the globe.

Due to the recent increase in negativity and controversy toward immigrants internationally, especially those fleeing war-torn areas, I thought it would be appropriate to start the series “Immigration: Bringing Our History to Life,” in which I sit down and talk with various people about how and why their family came to America, their family stories and history, the differences between the cultures and their personal experience with moving to a new country. A new interview will be added to the website every week.

Episode 1- Marisol Rodriguez:

Episode 2- Kim Boado:

Episode 3- Juliette Naeveke:

Episode 4- Mabel Huynh