WHS students flock to Gov Ball


Photo Fiona Gillen

People from around the world enjoy the 2017 Governors Ball Music Festival.

Eminem. Ramen burgers. Life-size Connect Four.

While many deem these interests unrelated, the Governors Ball Music Festival combines them, elevating it above your average concert. Held in New York City, the festival has united music-lovers, foodies and avid board game competitors from around the world since 2011. This year, “Gov Ball” will bring thrill to Randall’s Island Park today through Sunday.

Although music festivals are nothing new, Gov Ball’s popularity has soared within recent years, particularly among high school students who now commonly refer to the first weekend in June as “Gov Ball Weekend.”

What makes Gov Ball so popular is that the experience entails so much more than music. “It’s just the whole vibe in general, how everyone’s having the time of their lives,” said WHS junior Maddie Reynders. “Everyone is wearing cute clothes, the weather’s nice and the food is good—overall it’s a really fun time.”

Like Reynders, WHS sophomore Abbie Knaul is looking forward to the non-musical aspects of the festival. “I spend most of my weekends in the city taking photos and eating food… at Gov Ball, I’m able to do all of these things,” said Knaul.

Due to its lively atmosphere, Gov Ball has made multiple accommodations for its growing fan base. While Gov Ball was originally held on Governors Island (hence the festival’s name), it is now hosted on Randall’s Island where there is more space for the increasing number of fans and musical performances.

Gov Ball has something for everyone, with more than 60 different artists who specialize in various styles of music ranging from Shawn Mendes to Travis Scott. “I think our generation in particular is into a lot of different types of music,” said WHS senior Tani Horton. “What makes Gov Ball so exciting is that they offer performances that cover all of these styles in such an amazing atmosphere.”

Last year, Horton went to Gov Ball all three days and when asked if she would go again, she responded, “100 percent yes.” For Horton, the festival’s location made it convenient for her to attend, especially with the ferry pass that takes festival-goers from the East 35th Street ferry dock to Randall’s Island.

Reynders also agrees with Horton about the accessibility of the event. “Gov Ball is close enough that I don’t have to drive or take a plane anywhere, like I would have to do with Coachella,” Reynders said. “I just have to take the train and it’s up to me to decide whether I want to go one day or all three.”

With the festival beginning today, the anticipation for performances by famous artists and food from renowned vendors is only growing. Whether it be the location, music, food or games, there is no end to the adventures Gov Ball has to offer.