Retiring staff reflect on careers


Ms. Margaret McFadden, AP

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my career here in Westfield. Transitioning from being a physical education teacher and a coach to being an assistant principal where I can work with students in a different capacity has been a standout in my career. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, and I plan on, for the first year or so, traveling as much as I can.”

Ms. Julie Walsh, Librarian

“I really had a great professional career here. My favorite thing is working with students on research. I love JRP work and helping them walk through the process of finding great resources. I’m going to be traveling around the country, camping and exploring. I like to pack up the car and just go, looking for fun places to camp and explore.”

Ms. Beatrice Diller, Foods

“Once I came [to WHS], it was like home, I loved it,” said Diller. Ever since she was 11, Diller wanted to be a home-economics teacher, so she has enjoyed working at WHS. “I can’t imagine doing anything else; I love what I do. Find something you love and you will never work. I know you hear that all the time, but I am living proof.”


Mr. Michael Seiler, Science

“I enjoyed a very wonderful experience at WHS,” said Seiler. “I was very fortunate to work with students in a high school in a community that values education and supports it.” Seiler will miss the student interaction both inside and outside the classroom. Following 45 years of teaching at WHS, Seiler is going to focus on charity work with the Knights of Columbus.