Staff Summer Picks ’18

Forget about school and tests– now is the time to get ready for summer. The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and now is the time to listen to some great music. To get you in the happy, carefree mood of summer, the Hi’s Eye staff has picked their favorite summer songs for you to listen to all day long. Great summer songs such as “8teen” by Khalid, “Burn the House Down” by AJR, “Ghost Town” by Kanye and “Paranoid” by Post Malone are in this playlist, so head over to the Hi’s Eye website to check out the full playlist and get in the mindset for summer.

        “I like this song because it reminds me of school and how I don’t have to return until next year” – Hanna Zakharenko

“I like this song because it sounds summer-y and it has a really nice vibe” – Safiya Amin

“I picked this song because it completely captures the mood of summer when you can do nothing all day if you want to and it is still a day well spent” – Avery Conrad

“It’s a relaxed song with a nice beat and it reminds me of summer”- Lauren Greenspan

“It has a really good message, and when you are down it encourages you to move forward.” – Kayla Butera 

“When I first heard that he [Elgort] released a song, I was interested because I know him from acting (Baby Driver, The Fault in our Stars, Divergent)  and the song has such a good bass line, that it really pumps you up.” – Amanda Pyle 


“I think it has really good summer vibes; it is really slow and a good country song” – Nicole Boutsikaris 

“It’s a feel-good song and super catchy.” – Mary-Joy Sidhom

“It’s about having fun without anyone else and being able to dance to your own beat” – Natalie Becker 

“It’s a great song to blast in the car with friends, and it’s starting to be played on the radio so I feel like it’s going to blow up soon” – Alex Sumas



“It is a fun and upbeat song, and it is a mood booster” – Julie Dannevig

“It is a timeless summer song that always puts you in a good mood. I feel like every time I’m listening to it I am on my way to the beach.” – Kyle Henderson


“It has a really good beat that just gets you hyped for summer.” – Ava Maurillo 

“This song is guaranteed to get you excited and it’s perfect for fun summer nights!” – Fiona Gillen


“The chorus is so catchy, and it is the perfect song to listen to at the beach with headphones and relax.” – Lauren Sullivan 


“It is extremely catchy and I can listen to it anywhere, anytime” – Adam Holtzman

“It reminds me of summer and it’s super fun to listen to; it just has good vibes.” – Corinne Flaherty 

“Just another friendly reminder that whatever you’re doing this summer is better than waking up at 6 a.m. to go to school, so cheer up.” – Jared Greenspan 

“It is Kanye’s best track he has had in a while.” – Daniel Han

“It has a really good beat so I think it’s perfect for a ride to the beach” – Sam Stravach



“This song has a really feel good vibe, and encompasses the true spirit of summer — relaxing and appreciating the simple beauties of life” – Brianna Hatch


Check out the full playlist here: