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New staff join WHS Community

Along with a multitude of new programs and facilities, WHS also has some new faces you'll see around.

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Ms. Irene Hayden

Media Coordinator

Fun Fact: She’s fluent in Ukrainian.

“I love all the different things they have here in the library media center. I love all the different things they have here in the library media center. I’ve always wanted to use Noodletools. Okay so library nerd, but so excited about it. And the library system we have here is called OPALS. It’s so user friendly. That’s one of the things that made me excited too.”

Ms. Paula Cassius

Modern and Gourmet Cooking

Fun Fact: She has a white bichon dog names Tracy.

“So far I’m loving starting to work and cook with kids. That to me is the most exciting. It’s what’s giving me a lot of joy. It’s being able to cook with the kids, see them grow and get more confidence.”



Officer Ricardo Johnson

Human Resource Officer

Fun Fact: He’s a fast runner and was a part of the WHS track team.

“[I’m excited] to meet everybody and interact with as many people as possible, help as many people as possible.”




Ms. Jacquelyn Smolenski


Fun Fact: Her favorite food is penne vodka.

“So last year I was here, but I was a leave replacement, so this year I am happy to have my second year. I am really looking forward to doing everything again and making it better, and I definitely want to get involved and go to more Westfield events. I just bought my first Westfield T-shirt at back-to-school night.”

Ms. Jenna Zito

Algebra 1 and 2

Fun Fact: She was a college gymnast

“I am excited to get to know the kids, get to know the students and the staff here and become part of the community at Westfield. I have coaching experience at my last school, but right now I am focusing on getting acclimated and teaching math the best I can.”

Ms. Laura Doyle

Engineering and Design

Fun Fact: She has taught at both middle school and university levels, but never at a high school.

“This is the very first engineering class at Westfield High School which is very exciting, and the curriculum is out of the University of Texas in Austin. So this summer, I spent two weeks going through the entire thing as a student, and all of the materials come out of the University of Texas.”

Ms. Ellen Frederick

Special Ed  for Algebra and Pre-Calculus

Fun Fact: She likes to swim.

“[I’m excited for] feeling comfortable with the material and getting to know the students better, because last year was all first-year stuff and it was hard to really get to know everybody well, so this year I to get to know my students better.”



Ms. Shawn McDonald

Journalism and English 3

Fun Fact: She owns around 30-40 pairs of shoes

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