Join the WHS Family

Lauren Greenspan and Lauren Sullivan

In the 2018-2019 school year, WHS is making it a priority to have every student feel at home. WHS has launched two programs that will help students feel welcomed: mini transition and the Lunch Ambassadors Initiative.

The mini-transition program is for any new 10-12th graders. Although only meeting twice in the beginning of the school year, the program gives the students helpful tips to get used to their new school.

The first meeting focused on the basics of WHS, like where to find the library and attendance office. But the second meeting, according to Assistant Principal Mr. Warren Hynes, “is more about the culture, so like social dynamics, degree of stress, degree of support, and traditions.”

The mini-transition program has three goals: “One is to feel a little more welcomed. Two is to have more info about the school. And three is to maybe have at least one more person that you can say hi to in the hallways,” said Mr. Hynes.

The other new program, the Lunch Ambassadors Initiative, is similar. WHS junior and president of this program Ana Fowler was inspired by the successful We Dine Together organization and decided to start a similar program. “Lunch Ambassadors Initiative” is open to anyone who wants to make new friends, help others, or just have a place to eat lunch.

“Lunch Ambassadors Initiative” meets in cafeteria A during every lunch period. There is a designated table with “Lunch Ambassadors” identifiable by their red bandanas.

Fowler hopes students feel welcome, “whether they’re new to the school or [not], but are still trying to find their place.”