Halloween Playlist

Are you ready for some spooky scary fun? Then hop on over to the website to check out our Halloween playlist FOR the WHS community BY the WHS community. With all your favorites like “Spooky Scary Skeletons”, “Flying Purple People Eater” and “Thriller”, your Halloween party will have the best playlist out there. 

“It’s [the only Halloween song] I know.” – Mikayla Pinto ‘19 

“It’s so catchy and reminds me of when I was younger and gives me all the good Halloween vibes.” -Annabella Buontempo ‘21 

   “It’s just a fun song and I think it embraces the spirit of Halloween. It’s a little bit silly but it’s also symbolic of the spirit of it.” – Colm Slevin ‘20

“When I went to Europa Park they played it on repeat the entire day so now I hate it with a burning passion. – Ben Zakharenko ‘21 

“It is a classic song that all generations are familiar with.” Katie Hamilton, ’21 

“I used to love when we sang [it] in elementary school Halloween singalongs.” – Celia Lanza ‘19

“It really shows what Halloween is all about and it’s one of the few Halloween songs I know.” – Emilia Fowler ‘22

“In the background there are creepy sounds and people going ‘oooo’ as if to scare someone, and to me this truly captures the mysterious and eerie vibes of Halloween.”- Emma Hamilton ‘19

“[It] is just one of those songs that everyone seems to know somehow. Everyone can always sing along and it’s just a great classic song too.” – Cooper Brennan ‘19

“It’s a classic and it’s an actual song, not just a song specifically written for Halloween”  – Christina Arida ‘22

Check out the full playlist here: