Style Savvy Students

With tests, schoolwork, and gym changes, it’s impressive how fashionable WHS students can be. In the midst of a chaotic morning, picking a stylish outfit can be tricky. From funky and bold fashion looks in the halls to self-made garments, these three students have mastered runway style with their creative looks.

Photo by Jillian Laconte
Stylish Laconte shows off her effortlessly cool coat in the WHS halls.

“For me, [fashion is] all about confidence and I think clothing is really an expression of yourself, how you want people to see you, and how you see yourself,” Laconti said. Not only is Laconti taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, but she also recently traveled to Paris for Parsons School of Design’s summer program. From crafting a duct tape vest in 5th grade to working behind-the-scenes of the Runway of Dreams Foundation fashion show, Laconti is surely on the catwalk for a future in fashion.

Photo by Sean Marner
Marner posing in a fashion-forward outfit.

Marner has always had a niche for fashion, using it as a launchpad to combat toxic masculinity. He has recently taken his style into his own hands, participating in sewing and screen printing classes at FIT. Marner hopes to have a future in the visual arts, with the goal to dress a celebrity at the Met Gala. “I hope [my clothes] can show people how much better it feels to avoid the societal norms placed on and carried through by men today, as it is only holding everyone back from being their best selves,” said Marner.

Photo by Lauren Logozzo
Logozzo models her impressive handmade bacpack.

Logozzo started sewing in third grade after reading Little House on the Prairie, where characters hand sewed outfits. With encouragement from her mom, she eventually graduated from hand sewing` to machine sewing, creating garments for both WHS’s productions and herself. When it comes to style, Logozzo said, “I want to express myself and give the idea that not everything has to be up to trend and you can make [clothes] and it can be just as good as something that you buy for a really expensive price.”