‘thank u, next’ is so fetch

There is really only one word to describe Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” music video:


This YouTube record-breaking video combines Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30 and Legally Blonde. Filled with iconic 2000s movie references and celebrity cameos, the video that Grande released left me speechless.

After an eventful year full of success and heartbreak, Grande released “thank u, next” to address many rumors, like her broken engagement to Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. Grande packs so many hints and cameos into this video it’s hard to understand it all.

The video opens on the set of Mean Girls, where Grande recruited her friends, YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger, singer Troye Sivan and reality TV star Kris Jenner to recreate some of the movie’s most famous scenes.

Grande also has some of the stars from Mean Girls, including Jonathan Bennett who played Aaron Samuels, and Stefanie Drummond who played Bethany Byrd. Grande created her own group of “The Plastics” with childhood friends Alexa Luria and Courtney Chipolone as Karen and Gretchen, respectively, and Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies as Cady Heron.

The next movie referenced is the cheerleading classic Bring It On, and continuing with the Victorious cameos, Matt Bennett and Daniella Monet, who played Robbie and Trina, make their debut. Bennett and Grande recreate the fan favorite teeth-brushing scene from the movie, while Monet joins Grande as a cheerleader.

The next movie recreated is 13 Going on 30 where Grande portrays Jennifer Garner’s character Jenna Rink crying over the famous dollhouse from the movie as Grande sings, “One day I’ll walk down the aisle.” This is a reference to Grande’s engagement to Davidson.

The final movie reference is Legally Blonde where Grande is Elle Woods. She’s accompanied by her dog Toulouse, who plays Elle Woods’ chihuahua Bruiser. We are then transported to Paulette’s salon where Grande teaches Jennifer Coolidge, the actual Paulette, her own version of the “bend and snap.”

Grande also drops subtle hints of new music in her video. Grande swapped Regina George’s original “A Little Bit Dramatic” shirt for one that reads “A Little Bit Needy,” a reference to an unreleased song titled “Needy.” Also, the license plate of Grande’s car in the Legally Blonde section reads “7 Rings,” the name of yet another unreleased song.

Grande makes a political reference as she lounges à la Elle Woods, by reading Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy, a nod to President Donald Trump and the current controversies over immigration.

This video made my jaw drop. The Victorious cameos made my inner 12-year-old jump up and down in excitement, and as a Kardashian fan, I screamed when Kris Jenner popped up on the screen.

If you haven’t watched this video yet, go watch it—right now.