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Netflix keeps Friends despite expiration notice

The cast of Friends.

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The cast of Friends.

Ava Maurillo, Iris Commentary Editor

“How you doin’?” With recent uncertainty as to whether or not the ‘90s hit sitcom Friends will remain on Netflix, probably not so great. But don’t fret, Friends fanatics, there is no need to cancel your wedding or force down a failed trifle like Rachel Green would, the series is still here for you.

On Dec. 3, Netflix relieved Chandler and Monica shippers worldwide with their tweet ensuring that Friends will remain on the streaming service through 2019. Not even two days before the announcement, however, Twitter was overflowing with outraged messages from Netflix-users. Between subscription cancellations and lawsuit threats, Netflix faced immense backlash after placing a Friends expiration notice on its website.

While Netflix has decided to let the series live on, why would they even consider removing such a popular show to begin with?

There is no official reasoning behind the company’s threat, but a valid explanation as to why Netflix decided on an expiration date is renewal policies.

When a TV series leaves a streaming service, the decision likely boils down to SVoD (Streaming Video on Demand) rights and money. Now that Warner Bros. Television is planning to launch its own streaming service which would include Friends in its lineup, Netflix is paying close to $100 million to keep the show for this upcoming year.

Another theory behind the potential Friends removal has to do with Netflix’s own popularity. As the company produces more originals, it is less dependent on established hits. Even though Friends is one of the most binge-watched shows today, Netflix does not rely on the show’s viewership as much as it used to.

Regardless of how Netflix deals with major production companies, its users are overjoyed knowing that they get to spend at least another year with their lobster of TV shows. Thanking Netflix is a polite thing to do, but we all know that the Holiday Armadillo is the real hero of this situation.