‘They said WHAT?’

Staffers surprise each other with the hidden meanings of your favorite songs


Photo Safiya Amin

Fiona Gillen and Avery Conrad gasp as they reveal their songs and lyrics.

Do you really know the lyrics to your favorite songs? Sure, you might be able to sing along at the top of your lungs—but do you know what the words mean?

In Hi’s Eye’s newest podcast, “They said WHAT?,” staffers Avery Conrad and Fiona Gillen pose the ultimate question: Do you have to know the messages the lyrics of your favorite songs are sending? More importantly, are you okay with them?

Gasp as Avery and Fiona unearth the true messages behind the popular songs that are sure to be on your favorite Spotify playlist.

Songs such as “ET” by Katy Perry and “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish may not mean what you think they do. After taking the time to understand the lyrics, they will never be the same. Will your favorites be on our list?