Hatch clarification on ‘cancel culture’ article

Like I said in my last article, everyone makes mistakes—and this was one of mine. Lack of clarity was my mistake.

Whether Hart is worthy of the forgiveness I called for in my last article is not yet confirmed—he has not done enough to remedy his actions. I did not mean to endorse the actions and words of those who have been canceled; I do not support the statements made by Hart or West in any capacity. I too find them horrifically offensive and unacceptable. There should be consequences for these people’s actions—they should not get off scot-free for their words and actions. But, I believe there are more productive ways to show our rejection to certain ideas than canceling a person and their career altogether. I believe that speaking for what you advocate for, fighting for your cause, and supporting those who you love and care about is more important and powerful than condemning those who oppose you. I believe that fighting for is more powerful than fighting against.

I reject cancel culture, not because I reject to people standing up for their beliefs. I simply believe that people should be given a second chance to resolve the mistakes of their past—and cancel culture denies celebrities that chance, therefore denying them the opportunity to change and grow. Instead of focusing on why they were cancelled, they have to focus on reviving their career by any means necessary. They don’t learn, they fight to overcome.