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Westfield donates toiletries to the military


Photo Photo Courtesy of SGA

SGA members assemble care packages for service members using donated supplies.

Kyle Henderson, Iris Reviews Editor

Walking through the halls of WHS the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the many posters advertising the toiletry drive for our military servicemen and women. Organized by the Community Service Club, SGA and PTSO, this drive collected various toiletries with the goal of having enough supplies for every student in WHS to be able to assemble a care package for a service member.

It all started when Principal Derrick Nelson and the SGA approached the Community Service Club. Its president, senior Emma Wolynez, explained that the Community Service Club is known for organizing similar events such as a toiletry drive with Bridges Outreach. The Community Service Club planned the logistics with the SGA and the PTSO, made an announcement to the school and put the project in motion.

The project had many moving parts, but according to Wolynez, it was all successful in the end. “We got a lot of student donations which we were really worried about, because sometimes kids don’t get involved,” she said. “We were really lucky that all of the kids got into it and people brought in a lot of donations.” Additionally, there was an Amazon wish list that gave people another way to contribute, and within less than a month, everything sold out.

The project has also received help from local businesses, such as Trader Joe’s, which provided the bags for all of the homerooms, and several local dental offices, which supplied various toiletries for the drive.

At times, the organizers were worried about the magnitude of the goal, which required nearly 2,000 items of each type of toiletry. “We were feeling a little frustrated and worried about what would happen, since deadlines approached and nothing was happening,” said Math Teacher Zorana Culjak, adviser to the Community Service Club.

However, she was grateful to all who participated and overjoyed at how many supplies they eventually received.

This drive was not only very successful, but also held a lot of meaning. “I’m really proud to see how the entire school community is doing this, because I come from a military family,” said Wolynez.

Culjak is also very grateful for our members of the armed forces, as she understands what they are fighting for. “I came as a refugee to this country,” she said.

“I have been through war, and it is the worst thing that could happen to anybody. I wish them all luck, a safe return, and I hope they will all be home soon with their families. Hopefully the world will reach a better place where we can avoid the wars and conflicts.”