Grab your camera

A look into the Museum of Illusions

As if New York City hasn’t given Instagram users enough places to see, eat at and shop in, you can add one more place to post to your feed: The Museum of Illusions.

The Museum of Illusions opened in Sep. 2018 in the heart of Chelsea, turning an old abandoned building into an exhibition of science, psychology, mathematics and biology. Seventy exhibits are available to people of all ages with an aim to educate and deceive your mind simultaneously. And unlike most museums, visitors can touch, scream, and run around and take pictures, making it a museum of dreams for everyone.

The experience will teach you about vision, perception and other awesome tricks with your own brain. Each room is designed to teach visitors why their eyes see something their brain can’t understand. Check out some of the rooms:

The Ames Room: In one corner, a dwarf. In the other corner, a giant. Experience how you can grow or shrink within a few feet and deceive anyone’s eyes.

The Rotated Room: Probably the most famous room to make it on Instagram as one person standing is on the wall and another is hanging from the ceiling.

The Head on the Platter Room: Have an out of body experience by making your body disappear altogether at this exhibit.

The Infinity Room: With mirrors from head-to-toe, you will never find an ending. This room is the epitome of infinite space and will make for the most interesting mirror selfie!

This is NYC’s newest modern museum. Visitors are left enough freedom to channel their creative side and for less than $20, spend your day discovering a world of optical illusions. Now grab some friends, your camera and most importantly, your imagination!