Just ‘throwing’ it out there, the field team is ‘hoppin’


Photo Varsity Vantage

Senior Maggie Kelly throwing javelin at the Matawan Relays.

Ava Maurillo, Iris Commentary Editor

The sport is track and field, meaning there are athletes who train and compete on the track or on the field. While our school track and field team is a united front that continues to break records and create champions, many are unaware of the various events that make up this multifaceted sport— because it involves a lot more than just running.

The “field” of track and field is home to athletes of countless specialties. Javelin, discus and shot-put are the staples of throwing while pole-vaulting, high-jump, long-jump and triple jump make up the jumping component of the sport.

Field tends to get overshadowed by the track events, even though more than half of all the sport’s events occur in the field. More importantly, every accomplishment of the field team is rooted in the unique community of field athletes.

Senior Maggie Kelly throws javelin and sticks with the sport because of the positive environment. “Everyone on the team is so supportive and friendly,” Kelly said. “Because the boys and the girls practice together, this leads to an awesome team dynamic unlike many other sports at WHS.”

Kelly also notes that the throwers have a support system for each other that is evident during practices and meets. “Each day it is so rewarding to see that all of our hard work in the weight room and at practice [together] is paying off, especially when we have big personal records at meets.”

The rewards of working hard and having a supportive community extend beyond the weight room and into the apron of the track, where jumpers are constantly training. Junior Julia Csorba was a sprinter and hurdler, but decided to add jumping to her repertoire after encouragement from her coach. It didn’t take long for Csorba to find her place as a high-jumper within a community that always pushes her to do her best.

“Instead of people racing to beat each other, every high-jumper wants to watch everyone clear the bar, and we often cheer each other on,” Csorba said. “Everyone is really supportive which helps a lot because you definitely need to have a good mentality in order to clear [the bar].”

The achievements of throwing and jumping athletes alike exemplify the importance of the “field” in track and field. As a distance runner, I have learned so much more about what actually occurs off the track just by writing this piece. Track and field athlete or not, we can all take some time to appreciate each other’s dedication to what we love.