Hi’s Eye Staff 2018-19 Farewell Quotes

Hi's Eye Staff

To finish off the year, the Hi’s Eye staff was asked to sum up their three years in Journalism in just a few short words. The pull quotes dispersed throughout this page are some of what the staff had to say about what being in Room 111 means to them.

There are a lot of things in high school that, in the grand scheme of life, don’t really matter. “It’s just high school.” But, being a part of this legit newspaper and writing about so many important, personal and sometimes funny topics-it’s crazy to think about the impact we’ve made in the short year we’ve been on staff.”

— Mary-Joy Sidhom

Being part of the Hi’s Eye family has truly been a great experience. It has been a honor to say the least to be able to carry out this decades-long tradition, while also having a lot of fun in the process. I cannot speak for everyone, but with the stories that have ran this year, especially with the Dr. Nelson Tribute, I feel like being an editor for the paper has been one of the most important things I’ve done in my entire life.”

— Adam Holtzman

I don’t think I can really put into words how grateful I am to be a part of the Hi’s Eye. Not only did I get to write about important stories that impact our community, but I was able to gain a new family in the process. We’ve certainly all experienced our share of ups and downs, but it’s made us all better writers and better people overall. Being on this paper has been such an amazing experience for the past three years, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

— Kyle Henderson

They may say that journalism is a dying breed, but I believe that it plays as critical a role in our society as ever before. Being a part of the Hi’s Eye community has been one of the best experiences of my life, and has taught me countless skills that I’ll continue to use. During the Dr. Nelson Tribute edition, it was just so powerful to witness how we were able to take the lead in helping our community heal, revealing the true power of the press.”

— Jared Greenspan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when signing up for Journalism 1, but after these three years it is safe to say that it was one of the best decisions I made in high school. Knowing that even if we were on a tight deadline for the paper there would be plenty of laughs and jokes along the way is exactly what made being in Room 111 my favorite part of the day. Being a part of the Hi’s Eye community was such a great experience and I cannot believe that it is already over. ”

— Lauren Greenspan

I didn’t have any expectations when I first signed up for Journalism 1—it was just a class that I thought seemed fun and would give it a try. Little did I know, three years later I would be a part of the Hi’s Eye community and absolutely loving every second. It is safe to say it is one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m so grateful for my experience in Room 111 and I honestly could not imagine my high school experience without it.”

— Corinne Flaherty

We always talk about how Hi’s Eye is a family and how Room 111 is our home, but we really mean it. The things I’ve been able to accomplish and the friends I’ve made would have never happened if it wasn’t for the paper. From late nights doing layout to intimidating interviews to just hanging out with my friends in 111, I am so incredibly thankful for my three last years in the journalism program. ”

— Alex Sumas

Looking back on my four years at WHS, signing up to take J-1 was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Through my three years in this program, I’ve not only gained insight into the very important field of journalism, but I’ve been a part of a family. My Hi’s Eye family are people who have—and always will be—been there for me, and I’m beyond grateful for the memories we’ve shared while working on this newspaper.”

— Amanda Pyle

At first, I just took Journalism 1 to fulfill a graduation requirement and had no intent in taking the course for more than half a semester. Three years later, and I think it’s safe to say that I have found a home in Room 111, and I could not be more thankful. I have loved every single second of the past three years being a part of Hi’s Eye and I can honestly say that the things I have learned in Hi’s Eye are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life”

— Safiya Amin

In a building full of quiet classrooms, Room 111 stands out. On any given day, there are voices buzzing, songs blasting, shouts overlapping—it’s a newsroom, a therapist’s office and a home. It’s a place where you can make as many cheesy puns as you want and share the craziest ideas—and people won’t judge you. Hi’s Eye has taught me to appreciate the story within everything and everyone, that team victories are the best victories and that word count means nothing when passion is in everything.”

— Bri Hatch

Journalism was, without a doubt, my favorite part of high school, and I can confidently say that I have learned more from working on the Hi’s Eye than I have in any other class. The Hi’s Eye gave me the opportunity to create real change, a place to express my creativity and most importantly it gave me some of my best friends. From reporting and writing, to workdays spent editing and trying to get the floaty tool to work, to listening to Julie’s epic playlists while mailing papers on Fridays, the Hi’s Eye was truly a once in a lifetime experience and it gave me memories that I will keep forever.”

— Lauren Sullivan

Thank you, Hi’s Eye. Thank you for giving me a voice and the confidence to use it. Thank you for giving me the most incredible friends—peers and advisors alike—and for giving me a home within WHS. Thank you for claiming my Sunday night’s for deadline, the work days when we spent way more time eating than editing and the long nights that resulted in the best papers in the morning. Most of all, thank you for being the best part of my high school experience.”

— Fiona Gillen

After switching jobs 13 years into my teaching career, I was terrified and full of anxiety starting this new journey. I was given such a powerful and important responsibility and there is no way that I could have handled that challenge without this group. This staff is intelligent, dedicated, and loyal. They truly cared about the important things in life: relationships, truth, and happiness. I never thought that halfway through my career I would learn new things, or become inspired again. But, this group of students did just that — they taught me and they inspired me, but most importantly, they made me laugh every single day. It is because of them and the home we built together in Room 111 that I know I made the right decision to come to WHS.”

— McDonald

One of the first things we learned as a class was that ‘there are no cliques in journalism.’ During my first day in Room 111 I thought it would be an impossible rule to follow, considering we were awkward sophomores who barely knew each other. After three years and countless hours in the same room, I wouldn’t even call it a rule anymore because now, I just think of us as a family.”

— Ava Maurillo

Being a part of the Hi’s Eye has been an invaluable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Room 111 is a part of school that doesn’t feel like school – a place where I know that my work matters, a place where I can say what I want to say, a place where I know that everyone is on my side. Hi’s Eye will forever impact me and the memories I have made will never be forgotten. Thank you, Hi’s Eye, for being one of the few things I will miss about WHS! ”

— Julie Dannevig

In my J-1 class, we were all told to ‘Think Different,’ and every second in Room 111 has reinforced that principle. Whether it be writing articles or collaborating as a group, creativity has always underscored our thinking. Working alongside many people who I now call friends, I am glad to be apart of the Hi’s Eye and the unique opportunity it gave me to truly ‘Think Different.’”

— DHan

I feel so lucky to be a new part of the Hi’s Eye tradition at WHS. This group proved throughout the year that student journalists are real journalists—I’ll especially never forget their dedication putting together the Dr. Nelson tribute issue. My Hi’s Eye workday is Mondays; at the beginning of the year I decided to also come in “a few Wednesdays” to help proofread—but really to attempt to get to know the students better. Now I come to Room 111 on Wednesday mornings all the time, because there’s no place I’d rather be. (This talented group is also why McDonald and I think about Hi’s Eye constantly and text each other after hours so much!) It’s a real privilege to read students’ writing, to discover what they care about, and to know them as the wonderful people that they are. I’ve learned as much from this class of seniors as they might have from us advisers. I’ll never forget ‘my’ first group of Hi’s Eye students!”

— O’Connor

Hi’s Eye has been a community unlike any other. Room 111 has become a home for me, a place where I go when I need to do work, rant, or relax. I am going to miss the Hi’s Eye and the amazing people I have worked with exponentially.”

— Sam Stravach

Journalism 1 was the first class in high school where I actually enjoyed the homework I was given. I know, pretty crazy. But you know you’ve found what you want to do when you actually enjoy the work that you are producing. Thus, for me, Hi’s Eye has been a learning opportunity, family, and a jumping platform to my future. What more could you want?”

— Hanna Zakharenko

Coming into journalism every day is one of the few things that I have never been nervous, stressed, or scared about. Every class has its moments where you wish you weren’t there, but those moments don’t really exist in Rroom 111 because no matter what is going on, everyone is going through it together and you always have a whole team of people behind you supporting you in everything you do. I’ll always miss my Journo homies next year and beyond.”

— Avery Conrad

I never had a voice before Hi’s Eye. I was always the quiet girl in class, who had an opinion, but never shared it. This newspaper gave me a voice. It gave me a platform to not only share my feelings, but also share other students’ feelings. There are no words to fully do justice to the Hi’s Eye experience. Room 111 is a room like no other. From the late nights spent at school, the stress if finishing an article on deadline, to the tears from different articles that were written, I wouldn’t change it for the world. There are a lot of things I won’t remember from high school, but my time in Hi’s Eye is something I will truly never forget.”

— Natalie Becker

Every day comes with its stressors- whether I have three back to back tests, an essay, a presentation in front of the class, I can never seem have a day that goes seamlessly. But all of that changed when I joined the Hi’s Eye. From down the hallway as I walk toward Room 111, I can feel the energy pulsing from the room and it instantly takes all of the weight off my shoulders. When I look back at all of my favorite moments from this year, some of my favorite memories were made in Room 111 and thanks to Hi’s Eye, it has made me who I am today”

— Nicole Boutsikaris