Hungry Hungry Hank

Volume 1: A sweet and salty sensation

I decided to take the 15-minute trip to Summit and dine at The Committed Pig. The restaurant lies downtown on the corner of Summit and Springfield Ave. The Committed Pig is a fashionable restaurant with a rustic feel that is inviting to all. Its young staff and fresh music give off a friendly and hip vibe. The service was timely and the establishment was environmentally aware, as plastic straws are available only on request.

Now on to the food. To put it simply, it was fantastic. I brought my family along so I could try as much as possible and it was a great decision. The menu was packed with tasty breakfast treats and unbelievable entrees.

I started off by ordering the Jersey Shore lemonade, which was sweet and refreshing; I strongly recommend this to kick off your Committed Pig experience. I was then presented with a decision that would change my whole experience: breakfast or dinner?

I went with a signature dish and ordered both. I got the Burgernut, a double cheeseburger with a glazed donut bun. As odd as it may sound, it was fantastic. The sweet and salty sensation was satisfying and I loved every bite. The burger came with fries, which were thin-cut, salty and cooked to perfection.

My sister ordered pancakes, which were very good. They were doughy and delicious, but not something you couldn’t get at your local diner. My brother ordered the Brunchwhich: bacon, Taylor ham, and cheese all on french toast. He might have had the best order at the table because that combination was a party in my mouth that I want to get invited back to.

The Committed Pig does a fantastic job of combining different foods, making a delicious meal for all to eat. This restaurant was “committed” to pleasing its customers.

Calorie Counter: 2,040 Calories