It’s definitely a ‘whole new world’

From cartoon to live action, the new rendition of Aladdin modernizes the 1992 production that audiences fell in love with. The 2019 version, directed by Guy Ritchie, puts a couple of spins on the original Disney story. With Will Smith as the Genie, it would be hard to imagine a boring movie. This adaptation is one of the reasons viewers jumped on a magic carpet and took a ride to the theatre to see it.

Some aspects of the movie remain the same: Jasmine (Naomi Scott) still lives in a castle with her beloved tiger, Rajah, and Aladdin (Mena Massoud) still has the sneaky style that everyone knows and loves.

However, there are new twists that brought on more laughs and relatable moments for the audience. Jasmine now has a handmaid named Dalia (Nasim Pedrad), a ditzy character who supports the princess throughout her life. Dalia acts as a best friend to her, which makes Jasmine more relatable to the audience as people could compare Dalia to their best friend and the moments they share.

Another notable change was the dancing and singing involved, which took more of a hip-hop route and featured backflips and raps. Smith delivered a vibrant and charismatic portrayal of the Genie giving him a more realistic appeal.

The switch from cartoon to reality makes everything more relatable. If you are looking for the same Aladdin released 27 years ago, you will be disappointed. This version is something new and it is up to you to decide whether the modernity makes or breaks the film. Catch it in a theatre near you before it fades away into the cave of wonders, along with the magical lamp.