A passion for jazz: WHS students form band


Photo courtesy of Dustin Paden


Emily Greenzang , R3 Op-Ed Editor

Algorhythm is a jazz band formed within the walls of WHS by Senior members Zack Fischer, Tommy Davis, Dustin Paden, Tom Greene, Charlie Compton and Stephen Park a year and a half ago. From performances for charity, to gigs with James A. “Murr” Murray, one of the stars of the hit show Impractical Jokers, the members of Algorhythm spread their love of jazz with hundreds of members of the Westfield community. 

“We all really like playing jazz music and expressing the art form,” said Zack Fischer. “You can’t really do that in concert band because it’s very rigid.” 

Dustin Paden agreed, especially when it comes to students passionate about music. “Being in a band, a jazz band in particular, is one of the best learning tools for music,” he said. However, their passion isn’t the only reason why the members of Algorhythm continue to do what they do. “It also serves like a job because we get paid for gigs every once in a while,” said Fischer.

A common obstacle for high school students creating a band is dealing with a busy schedule. With all of the commitments that school and extracurriculars demand, it can be hard for students to find common times in which they are free to practice and perform their music. Algorhythm found a solution to this potential problem, as they often perform with guests and former members. This way, if not everyone is available to perform at certain events, the show can still go on. 

“Every performance is completely different,” said Paden, “whether it be our environment, who we play with, or the songs we play. It challenges me to develop my confidence and technique as a musician.” 

Members of the band play a large variety of instruments, including the saxophone, drums, trombone, bass, guitar and trumpet. Their flexibility in members and their ability to play multiple instruments is key in keeping the band versatile, which allows them to perform more frequently and for events of different contexts. 

If you’re looking to see Algorhythm in action, they perform at jazz nights downtown in the summer. “I hope our audience can connect with our music and enjoy a chill musical outing,” said Paden.