Disney: Gen Z Edition


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Viewed by millions of people each day, classic Disney films play a large role in society’s entertainment. Bridging the gap between Gen X and Gen Z are Disney’s new creation of live-action remakes.

Growing up with classic Disney animations, many of us have seen the well-enjoyed Beauty and The Beast and The Lion King as well as the present-day films such as Frozen and Moana. To this day, Disney’s productions have never failed to please audiences all around the world. Regardless of the concept, Disney movies were, and continue to be, huge hits at the box office, earning hundreds of millions of dollars for each release.

In recent years, Disney Studios has made a change for the future by reintroducing us to our favorite animated films in live-action versions, featuring skilled actors and actresses playing these iconic roles. Not only has this created success for Disney but it allows people of all different generations to come together and enjoy the new spin on some of Disney’s most enjoyed originals.

In the past few years, as Disney releases more and more films due to previous success, they have also garnered attention and instilled nostalgic feelings in people’s lives.

Recently, Disney has released live-action ver- sions of, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King. This is only the start for Disney, as they plan to release several new remakes in the next few years. In the com- ing months, Disney plans to release Lady and the Tramp, Mulan, Cruella and The Little Mermaid.

The idea of creating these reboots present mixed feelings and some controversy. While some Disney fans are in favor of the production of these new movies, others oppose the idea of watching movies with unoriginal and outdated content, some of which has been known to contain offensive stereo- types. Although reboots such as Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp have attempted to address these issues by not including these offensive and racist topics, some people still resent these movies be- cause of their original intent.

Some people want the classics, as the thought of change is an unsettling feeling to many. Most recently, there was a backlash from some white Disney fans that Ariel would be played by a black actress, Halle Bailey, in the live-action The Little Mermaid. However, many celebrate Disney’s overdue step toward diversity.

Regardless of the controversies, these reboots are producing a huge turnout and are receiving positive feedback. Although the audience’s heart is in the original content, they are shocked that they end up loving their favorite movies with a twist of live-action.

Disney isn’t only bonding generations and connecting people with these live-action films, but they’re also gaining profits from these movies as well, giving Disney a motive to make even more of them. According to forbes.com, the average opening weekend pro t for all of the live-action movies released so far was 78.4 million dollars and the Box Office earned approximately 169 million dollars in total.

Disney is putting their best foot forward and trying to bridge the generational gap by creating reboots to their original movies. The live-action films relate to all generations by appealing to the adults who grew up with these stories and the children through modern technology. Somehow, Disney has truly worked its magic to create films suitable for all.