Attention leaders of tomorrow

We need global citizens now more than ever

Attention leaders of tomorrow

Photo The Skimm

Today’s teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow. However, can today’s youth take its place in American society if they aren’t educated on current events? 

It is imperative that teenagers are informed about global events, so they have an understanding of the world that they will someday run. 

According to The Atlantic, in the coming election, 3.4% of voters will be people born after 2000. Seeing that the vote of 18 and 19 year olds has an effect on elections, it’s crucial that teenagers are educated on current issues which are addressed by candidates, in order to use their vote wisely.

It’s no secret that teenagers have a lot of pressure placed on them. The extremely busy schedules of teenagers causes there to be little time to watch or read the news daily;  however, there are other, more practical, ways for teenagers to be informed about global events.

Use social media. According to the Pew Research Center, about 73% to 75 % of teenagers use Snapchat and Instagram. Teenagers can use these popular platforms to stay informed on events. Snapchat is home to series and articles which discuss politics and current events. This includes Peter Hambly’s Good Luck America, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah , and Pod Save America. These shows target teenagers and, therefore, are extremely accessible, interesting and informative. Furthermore, Instagram has posts which discuss current events, allowing teenagers to repost them, sharing them with one another.  

Subscribe to The Skimm. The Skimm is a publication which is emailed to its 7 million subscribers every morning. The publication discusses current events through the language of a young adult. Noreen Malone, a journalist for The Cut, stated, “The email is written in a cascading question and answer format that draws in readers by relating events on the world stage to a more knowable universe, one of ClassPass reservations and bachelorette parties and office drama.” The Skimm comes to you, therefore teenagers don’t need to take the time to go out and look for information on their own. 

It is up to today’s youth to find ways to educate themselves on global events so that they can become the mature, informed and inspiring citizens they were meant to be.