POV: Ciabatta days at WHS


Photo Jake Holtzman

Ciabatta day instructions from Cafeteria A

WHS is a scary, scary place on any given Tuesday or Thursday. No, it’s not because of the terrifying amount of homework, or the exams, or your scary teacher from freshman year that you always seem to run into. It’s because Tuesdays and Thursdays at WHS are ciabatta day. Luckily for you, in my time here I’ve formulated quite the survival guide. If you ever happen to find yourself in the halls of WHS on ciabatta day, read this to save your life. 

1. Stay out of the hallway outside the cafeterias at all costs  

If you normally pass through this hallway, I suggest scouting an alternate route to your classes, perhaps through the courtyard on a nice day, or the math hallway. However, if it’s your lunch period and you inevitably need to make it to the cafeteria, just hide in the bathroom for the first few minutes of the period and then go to the cafeteria once you’re sure it’s safe. If not, you risk being trampled by the clan of ciabatta die hards who sprint to Cafeteria A the second the bell rings.

2. Buy lunch from Cafeteria B

If you’re the type to buy a Boar’s Head sandwich for lunch every day, you’ve probably found that such proximity to the ciabatta line puts you in grave danger. A seasoned cafeteria sandwich eater has definitely witnessed a “cutting the ciabatta line” fight or someone getting angry about missing bacon. If you ask them, they will tell you that Cafeteria B is definitely the safer option. Maybe it’s time to try that buffalo chicken and ranch pizza you’ve been eyeing, or even check out the soup flavors…

3. Wait until the end of the period to buy a ciabatta

I know, I know, it’s not fair of me to assume that all WHS students are either foaming at the mouth to get their hands on a ciabatta or want absolutely nothing to do with them. That’s why this next one is for everyone out there who enjoys a good ciabatta but simply isn’t willing to throw hands in order to snag one. My advice to them is to wait until the very end of the period, or at least until there is no line. There’s no point in wasting the whole lunch period standing in line or putting yourself in danger by standing in it, so just wait until it doesn’t exist. Yes, you may end up eating your sandwich in the hall on your way to your next class but you still have your ciabatta (and your life) which is all that really matters.

I hope this guide helps you as much as it has me these past few years, but honestly if you’re really struggling to cope with the horrors of ciabatta day, my best advice is to just sit out Tuesdays and Thursdays… make them your biweekly sick days and you’ll never have to fear for your life on ciabatta day ever again.