Golden Globes: Time’s Up

Noelle Mesbah, Web Editor

All eyes were on the celebrities walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday, not simply to see what designers they were wearing or their chosen makeup for the night, but also the color of their ensemble. Stemming from the recent outbreak of sexual harassment and assault allegations in Hollywood and the “Me Too” movement, the women of Hollywood decided to step up and speak out by wearing all black to the Golden Globes. They also debuted their new platform, “Time’s Up,” which is linked to a defense fund that provides money to victims in legal battles over sexual assault, while also providing advice, support and links to different hotlines for victims of harassment and assault.
The words “Time’s Up” were spoken various times throughout the awards show, and were plastered all over Instagram later in the night. From Natalie Portman’s jab at the inequality within the movie industry to Oprah Winfrey’s dynamic, awe-inspiring speech, a new podcast on the Hi’s Eye website will recap all the highlights of the Golden Globes, and talk about the ways in which Hollywood and the world are beginning to change.