WHS feels the love at NOLS


Photo Jackie LaMastra

Blue Devil Treble singing at NOLS

Jackie LaMastra and Grace Sacco

With February being a time of love and admiration, the WHS Choir Department brought students and families together through their appreciation for music at the sixth annual Night of Love Songs on Feb. 8 in Cafeteria B.

The dimmed room was decorated with white and red string lights and there was a festive centerpiece on the stage behind the performers. Candles lit the walkway to the seats adding to the romantic setting. The night consisted of silent auctions, a 50/50 raffle and desserts; however, it was highlighted by the student-led performances.

From Billy Joel to Sam Smith, the packed room was filled by the students’ renditions of classic love songs. Songs were performed by all grade levels and various choir groups. The selective audition process allowed for 24 acts ranging from solos to duets, small group performances and 4 full group choir performances from Blue Devil Treble, Bella Cora, Chorale and Concert Choir.

Chorus and Fine Arts teacher John Brzozowski enjoys how NOLS gives students the opportunity to personalize their acts. “I love the way we can showcase [the students] differently and do different styles. I also love the collaboration piece,” said Brzozowski. “I like that the students work together, plan the event and work with the parents. It becomes a very warm and familiar event because the students have so much personal investment.”

Not only does NOLS mean a lot to the teachers, but Senior Choir President Rachel Seiden explains what the event means to students. “I love being able to hear everyone else’s voices at NOLS. When you’re in such a big choir, you don’t really know what everyone sounds like,” said Seiden. “It’s nice hearing everyone individually.”

While the talent of the performers does not go unnoticed, the event is also praised for the way the choir department works together in planning the entire evening.

“It’s nice seeing everyone dedicated to the night. Even people that aren’t as choir-oriented are so dedicated to this event and care,” said Seiden. “The night shows our love for other people, but it also shows the love for the choir and the love we all have for each other.”