No Place for Hate plans new events for March

Claudia Millwater , R1 News Editor

The No Place for Hate committee has many plans for the month of March. With an obligation from the Anti-Defamation League to complete three activities in order to become an official No Place for Hate school, the committee has two more events to fulfill after organizing Detective David D’Amico’s presentation on Nov. 19.

In a recent interview, WHS Assistant Principal Warren Hynes addressed upcoming events. On March 6, students will participate in an activity that allows them to share stories regarding their own personal experiences with discrimination. Teachers are encouraged to welcome No Place for Hate committee members into their classes to read submitted stories.

We are hoping that the sharing of stories will, in many ways, be the dominant theme of what No Place for Hate does,” said Hynes.

On March 26, WHS will hold an interactive gallery in the Student Center. Art, written stories, visuals and interviews will be offered for students and staff so they can have the opportunity to view stories beyond written ones.

Hynes said the committee will reach out to Fine Arts classes and teachers discussing ways they are able to take part in this activity.

The No Place for Hate committee hopes this isn’t just a one-year thing and that events continue to make an impact for years to come.

No Place for Hate committee member and WHS senior Ana Fowler said, “Our goal for these events is to build empathy. We want to expose the hate and prejudice within our school in a way that fosters a more empathetic school environment that is more sensitive when speaking or acting.”