New Music Video ‘Falling’ is peak Harry Styles


Photo Colombia Records

Screengrab of “Falling” music video, by Abby Jarecki

The popular singer-songwriter Harry Styles strikes gold again with his new album Fine Line, which was released in early December. The album was a hit with fans around the globe, selling 393,000 copies in the first week. But there was one particular song from the album that caught my attention: “Falling.”

The release of the “Falling” music video on Feb. 28th allowed fans to take another look at the complexity of the song. The video starts out with Styles sitting on the floor of a partially flooded room, then flips angles to him playing piano while staring at a glass, as he sings the lyrics, “No one to blame but this drink in my wandering hands.”

As he continues, Styles gets more emotional as the room begins to flood with water. I felt as though the room flooding was supposed to symbolize his tears and pain as he falls emotionally. The words of the song touch on the issue of falling back into a dark place or bad habits: “What if I’m down? What if I’m out? What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?”

The lyrics go on to show how Styles feels helpless and like he is falling, as there is nothing he can do to stop this feeling. As he second-guesses his worth during the video, you can tell he is “falling” deeper into a darker place. This strong meaning comes across in both the visuals and the lyrics.

Throughout the video, small rays of sun shine through a nicely decorated room, showing the emotion broadcasted across Styles’ face. These visuals help display the delicate mood Styles carries, adding another layer of emotion to the already intense song.

As Styles reaches the chorus, the room fills with light and steam as the piano begins to overflow with water. As the lyrics “And I get the feelin’ that you’ll never need me again” play, the room finally floods, and Styles is pulled into the water and darkness.

Overall, the complexity of the song and video allow for a great mix of entertainment and emotion. The lyrics and video work together to show us how Styles is truly feeling while singing this song. The feeling of falling into a bad place is terrifying, but Styles does an amazing job of portraying how that experience feels.