Coronavirus incites hoarding and stockpiling

Due to the recent spread of COVID-19, people all over the country have been going out and stockpiling common necessities. The rapid spread of Coronavirus has launched the American population into a panic which has resulted in sales for items such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper to sky rocket. But why? 

As there is fear and anxiety surrounding the virus, many people are worried that they will run out of supplies and be stuck with nothing.  They fear that they either won’t have enough supplies to last them through the quarantine or they think that the basic things they need will sell out before they can purchase them. 

“It’s frustrating that people are choosing to hoard certain items like toilet pairs and Clorox wipes. I have seen people buying way more than necessary,” said Elaine Jayroe, a parent of a WHS senior. “This leaves other people vulnerable, especially the elderly. It’s not necessarily the grocery stores that can’t keep up with the demand. It’s the hoarders who are making it difficult.” 

Grocery stores and retailers are trying to prevent shortages from “panic buying” as more cases of the virus are confirmed in the United States, according to interviews by CNBC. 

“There were reports that Costco had been crazy all morning, but I went to Costco around 4:30 p.m. and it was much calmer; I was able to get toilet paper, milk, etc.” explained WHS senior parent Drew Maguire.

As a result of the fears of this virus, many companies such as Fresh Direct and Shoprite Online have been useful for people who are considered high risk for COVID-19 or are just trying to avoid coming in contact with the virus. Using companies that have direct door to door delivery is beneficial in keeping our general population healthy and able to fight the disease. 

“Freshly has helped me eat balanced, healthy meals without worrying about them being touched by exposed people during this hard time,” said WHS senior parent Tyler Jayroe.

Many of the online delivery services have released official statements saying that there is a large boom in business due to the virus. As of now these websites have a large source of supplies but at the rate they are selling, that may change shortly. More people are ordering things such as bottled water, cleaning wipes and toilet paper to stock up on essentials.  There is also an increased need for seafood, chicken and baby items amongst other things. Costco released a statement saying that the demand for these items as well as many others has pushed their monthly sales up by 7.5%.

“At a time like this we should all be thinking about each other and take what we need instead of [buying] mass quantities that leave others with nothing,” said Jayroe.