Parents set up banners at Kehler Stadium to honor senior athletes

It’s no secret that spring sport athletes are missing out on their seasons right now.  And it’s also no secret that this is hitting seniors athletes the hardest. So while the future of the spring season is still up in the air, senior parents have banded together and created a display of banners featuring WHS senior spring athletes in the hopes of lifting their spirits even a little bit. 

Meg Freer, mother of WHS senior lacrosse player Colin Freer, was the lead parent who coordinated the project. “The boys lacrosse team had done the banners already, and we had the OK to hang them on the inside fence for the season,” she said. “We thought it would be a great way to represent all the senior spring athletes.”

She credits the idea of senior banners to Christine Tilyou, mother of WHS senior lacrosse player Jet Tilyou. “[Christine Tilyou] had sent me a picture with a small town somewhere in the U.S. that had hung banners around town, which then gave me the idea since we already had the boys lacrosse team banners,” said Freer.  

From there, Freer reached out to administration for approval. “What’s not to like?” asked Athletic Director Sandy Mamary. “I embraced it right away as a lot of those parents did. My next phone call was to Dr. Dolan and she was very excited about it also,” said Mamary.  

After that, each spring sport was notified of the project so they could participate and provide pictures. The banners were ordered and then quickly put up by Freer, Carolyn Buoscio (mother of lacrosse player Mikaela Buoscio), Nancy Csorba (mother of track athlete Julia Csorba), and Paula McCauley (mother of field athlete Declan McCauley).  

“I think that these banners mean a lot to the senior class,” said SGA President and baseball player John Czarnecki. “The main thing all athletes want is to get back on the field; however, these posters are nice for the time being… I was just happy that we were able to do something to honor these hard-working individuals and I am truly optimistic that we will make the best of this crummy situation.”

Mamary acknowledged that the banners are less than ideal compared to having an actual season, but added, “As an athletic director, we’re not ready to concede yet, we’re going to do the best we can [to salvage part of the spring season] and the banner project is the best we’ve got [right now].”  

Mamary urges the public to enjoy the posters, but not at the expense of safety by congregating in large groups. She also said that she, “hopes other towns catch on, because why not?”

To view a video of the banners click HERE and be sure to click through the slideshow of photos below.