A canine’s take on COVID-19


Photo Emily


Emily Greenzang , R3 Op-Ed Editor

Hi! I know the byline says “Emily,” but that’s just a formality. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Austin, a five year-old Havanese, but you can still call me a puppy. 

When all this coronavirus stuff started a few weeks ago, I didn’t know what to think. At first, I was just confused. Why were my siblings and parents staying home all day? They forgot to explain to me what was going on—how inconsiderate of them. Since then, I’ve figured it out. 

They also seem to overlook just how long we have been quarantined for. Come on, they should realize that these past seven weeks make up nearly one entire dog year! 

It has been quite a long time, but I can’t say it’s been an entirely negative experience. With them home all day, I can demand treats anytime I want. It’s really convenient because when they get bored, they take me on even more walks to burn off the extra calories. I also get to stand watch at the front windows and yell at every single person walking by, especially now that more people go on daily strolls and bike rides. I’m sure my family appreciates it. Sometimes I even try to say hi to people my siblings are on Google Meets with for school. I don’t know why they keep muting themselves when I do, though.

Speaking of my siblings being rude, now that they’re home all day, they keep coming over and sitting next to me when I’m trying to relax. How am I supposed to appreciate my alone time when annoying children keep trying to pet me? 

I must admit, though, I’m glad I’ve had them around this month because of the April showers. I’m a very small guy and when it rains, I get scared that the whole house will flood, so I try to seek higher ground and go upstairs. During all of this terror, I know my family will protect me. Thank goodness they’ve been home for all these storms lately. 

A problem I’ve encountered recently is the predicament of my hair. (Yes, since I am a Havanese, I do have hair instead of fur.) It’s starting to get quite long and soon I may start bumping into things from not being able to see, and it seems as if I won’t be seeing the groomer anytime soon. I’m not sure if I trust my family to bring scissors anywhere near my face though. 

And finally, with all this extra time spent together, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to gather information on each member of my family. I have now officially decided who my favorite is. Shoutout to… drumroll please… [redacted]! You know who you are. 

I know it’s easy for all you humans to feel overwhelmed during a time full of so many unknowns. So, I want to leave you with one certainty amidst all this madness: I, Austin, on behalf of all the other dogs out there too, want to say that while these past seven weeks have felt long, by sticking together as a family, you’ve made at least one member very, very happy.