GoFundMe created for WHS custodian


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GoFundMe page for Juan Cardona and his family

One of the night custodians at WHS, Juan Cardona, became ill at the end of March due to COVID-19 and pneumonia. Cardona’s family has been affected emotionally and financially, and the Westfield community is rallying to help. According to an update from his wife, Cardona is in the ICU, has been intubated, and is currently in critical condition.

Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds for the Westfield Public School District Sean McArthur started a GoFundMe for Cardona and his family with help from the head custodian at WHS, Werner Wolf. Wolf said, “If we could at least lift one burden from their lives, that would be extremely helpful.”

When Wolf and McArthur were notified about Cardona’s illness, they immediately wanted to take action. “We had been informed that Juan Cardona had taken ill and that financially this started taking its toll on his family and they needed help and anything we can do to help we should do,” said McArthur.

The GoFundMe page had a starting goal of $10,000 and, thanks to Westfield citizens, as well as family and friends of the Cardona family, the page has far exceeded that amount. As of Hi’s Eye deadline, the total amount raised was over $20,000.

Wolf and McArthur are very thankful for how successful the page has been. “The Westfield community coming together to help a family in their time of need has been amazing, but not surprising at all.” McArthur said, “Thank you to everyone for their support. It is greatly appreciated.”

If you would like to contribute, go to THIS SITE to donate.

*UPDATE* –  As of May 29, Juan Cardona is off of the ventilator and starting rehabilitation.