Hungry Hungry Hank: Heading out

Hank Shapiro , Business Manager

Photo by Viggo Jabon
Headshot of Hank Shapiro.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As the 2020 school year winds down, the last Hungry Hungry Hank is upon us. Before I complete my career in food critiquing, let me reflect on the journey that has been so near and dear to my stomach.

I would like to start off thanking the people with whom I have eaten along the way. Mr. DeSarno and my teammate and friend Declan McCauley were featured on two different volumes, and there were others along the way who joined me to chow down. My family was even there to help with my first review. We took the trip to Summit, N.J. and they really helped me figure out what I wanted this column to be. Next, shoutout to my Hi’s Eye colleagues who went to Millburn Deli with me and saw firsthand how much I really can eat. Finally, I want to thank my girlfriend for accompanying me to Jose Tejas for an awesome date. Delicious food is always better in good company.

Not only has this experience allowed me to become closer to people, but it has also allowed me to become familiar with the areas surrounding Westfield. Before I started writing this column, I was happy with the food choices right in town. Now, I have been led out of the cave and am more willing to try food that I have never had or from restaurants I have never heard of before. Also, my journey has led me to realize that we truly live in the food capital of the world. You can find stellar pizza, bagels, authentic Mexican food, delicious Asian food, and so much more within a 20-minute drive.

In all the places that I have visited, here are a few of my takeaways: Friendly service makes it easier to appreciate the food. An inviting atmosphere preps the taste buds for a better experience. Restaurants that offer ample choices, but stick to their specialty, usually get it right. A long wait can be worth it if the food lives up to your anticipation. Show up hungry. 

I want to thank all my readers including students, teachers, family members, and all those who enjoy my column. I appreciate the support you have given me throughout the school year. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the very last volume of Hungry Hungry Hank scheduled to come out sometime next week.