Take a trip on Netflix to the Outer Banks

Photo by Netflix
Outer Banks poster

As we all sit here in quarantine searching for the next big activity to do, Netflix released the new show Outer Banks. As of  May 5, the show was the number-one streamed show in the U.S.

The show starts off meeting the main characters John B, Kie, Pope and JJ. This group, called the Pogues, is part of one side of the island. Then, later in the first episode, we meet Sarah, Topper, Ward and Rafe, who are part of the Kooks, or the upper-class part of the island.

In the first episode things pick up really fast, yet you are still able to follow along with the plotline. The show has a little bit of everything people look for in entertainment: mystery, adventure, romance and a whole lot of drama.

The show takes place, as suggested by its name, on the Outer Banks in North Carolina so it gives off a beachy vibe. Between the way the characters dress, the music they listen to and the slang they use, it makes you want to pack a bag and head down to the shore.

As the episodes go on we see the Kooks and the Pogues begin to interact with each other more. At first, they were very hostile towards each other, but as the show goes on certain people in both groups begin to merge.

As you watch you get more and more invested in the relationships and the drama to the point where you feel like you know the cast and are there with them. It’s a very different type of show because it has teenagers covering really mature topics and that doesn’t happen often, which makes sense why it’s #1 trending. The setting of the show and the vibe it gives off is really relatable to a lot of teenagers, while still having that mature aspect

The show only has one season out right now which includes 10 45-minute episodes. Each episode stays on the same storyline but we see a lot of different characters interacting as well as a lot of change in scenery. 

One rather frustrating thing: the season ended on a really big cliffhanger. This leaves a kind of empty feeling of you wondering what’s going to happen next season with the show. It has yet to be renewed but the show’s cast anticipates a renewal in the near future. Although this was frustrating, the way it was left allows a lot of room for a creative second season.

This was the show that no one asked for, but everyone needed. The show is definitely living up to the hype it has been given by people on many different social media platforms.