‘College is not for me’: WHS senior starts path to becoming a physical trainer


Photo by @_russo_fitness

Nick Russo's Instagram account.

Adam Perez, R2 Sports Editor

Instead of attending college, WHS Senior Nick Russo has begun to take the non-traditional route to achieving his goals: becoming a personal trainer and eventually opening his own gym. 

To start off and create a name for himself in the fitness world, he has started his own personal fitness Instagram and Facebook account @_russo_fitness_ which has grown at a rapid pace. Russo posts videos explaining his daily workouts and offers tips to perform certain exercises. In addition, he offers his advice on many aspects of fitness such as nutrition and pre/post workout prep.  

In less than two months, his accounts have gained over 1,500 followers and more than 24,000 views on all of his videos. “My goal is to try and grow my fitness account as far as I can and gain more exposure and build a brand,” Russo explained. He hopes to monetize his Instagram account and partner with other fitness companies and products in the near future. 

Russo is also currently aiming to obtain his certification as a personal trainer. Russo said, “Right now, I am studying to receive my National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification.” Russo believes that this will allow him to learn more about the fitness industry and gain the necessary connections for his future plans.  

At WHS, there is a strong belief that you are not truly successful unless you attend a traditional two or four year university after graduation. This attitude is not only seen in Westfield, but across the country where both the media and society convince high school students that their only path towards success is through attending college. 

However, Russo is unfazed by this and believes in his current plan. “It was in the beginning of junior year when I decided that college is not for me,” Russo said. “I feel that college is not needed for what I am trying to achieve. I am definitely open to going back to college if it helps me obtain my goal of opening a gym.”  

He acknowledges there will be a lot of unknowns,  but he still remains excited and confident about his future. Russo said, “I am really excited for this journey and have no idea as to what this can turn into. Success in fitness does not depend on whether I go to college or not.”