Meet your new SGA officers

Because of virtual school, the SGA 2020-2021 elections looked different than they would in a typical year, but with the help of platforms such as Instagram and the SGA website, the candidates were able to share their campaign speeches and students voted online using a google form found in the SGA instagram bio @whssga1.

 Each candidate posted a video of their speech on the Instagram account and a picture with a description about themselves on the website, giving the student body a better chance to get to know each candidate. The results of the google form were announced on Monday afternoon on the SGA Instagram. 

So, without further adieu, here are the SGA officers for the 2020-2021 school year:

Jordan Horowitz, President (Photo by Jordan Horowitz)

Jordan Horowitz

The new president of Student Council for the 2020-2021 school year is current junior Jordan Horowitz. Horowitz acted as the SGA Treasurer this past year and is excited to continue his SGA experience as president. In addition to working with the SGA, Horowitz is also a Model UN Officer and dedicated student. 

After acting as the only junior SGA board member, Horowitz knew that he would be running unopposed for the presidency, but this did not change his mindset during elections nor during the school year. “I treated SGA and my campaign the same way that I treated everything else: with full effort, ambition and passion,” said Horowitz. “I don’t do this for a position; I do this to help the school.”

After serving as the treasurer for SGA, Horowitz believes that his past experiences prepared him for the presidency. Horowitz said, “As a normal student you see the put together pep-rally, but you don’t see the numerous phone calls and emails, and the setting up and the putting away. I learned how to do that, and once I learned how to do that once, I can do it better and more efficiently the second time.”

On top of making sure the SGA board and students communicate about changes occurring during the pandemic, Horowitz also wants to use his position to help plan an end-of-the year carnival next year in the school’s parking lot with food trucks and music. 

Horowitz hopes to donate the funds raised by the year-end carnival, as well as other SGA events, to community members in need.  Horowitz said, “Whether that’s fundraising or support, whatever it is, the student government will try to provide aid to our community.” 

Justin Anderson, Vice President (Photo by Justin Anderson)

Justin Anderson

Sophomore Justin Anderson is the new SGA Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year. Anderson is currently the recording secretary and is also involved with multiple other school organizations, such as Model UN, Youth and Government Club, French Club and the tennis team.

“I just really love being a part of the student government and helping out to plan events, like I’ve been doing for the past year,” said Anderson.

The SGA has had many successes this year, like doubling the attendance at homecoming and teaming up with the Community Service Club for the student-teacher basketball game (although that was unable to happen due to the pandemic). Anderson hopes to improve upon these events even more next year.  

“At this point, it’s kind of up in the air because with COVID-19 we’re not exactly sure if homecoming and pep rally and those types of events are going to be able to happen as they usually would,” said Anderson. “We’re kind of just playing it by ear, but hopefully [we can] build off those [past] events and get to have the student teacher basketball game [next year].”

Anna Rickard, Treasurer (Photo by Anna Rickard)

Anna Rickard

The SGA Treasurer for the 2020-2021 school year is current sophomore Anna Rickard. This past school year Rickard served as the corresponding secretary for the SGA; she also dances and is a part of the WHS Marching Band. 

“I wanted to run for treasurer because I’m a really organized person, so I think I’m really good at managing,” said Rickard.

Although the treasurer’s job is mainly about managing money and budgeting, Rickard said it’s more than that because the whole SGA board works together as a whole to improve the WHS community. 

One improvement that Rickard would like to see next year is with school spirit. “We really want to work on spirit week and getting more student involvement in that,” said Rickard.

Sean Czarnecki, Corresponding Secretary (Photo by Sean Czarnecki)

Sean Czarnecki

Sophomore Sean Czarnecki is the new SGA Corresponding Secretary for the 2020-2021 school year. Czarnecki was part of the student council last year and wanted to continue his experience after seeing the positive impact being a SGA officer had on his older brother, former President John Czarnecki.

 “I have the opportunity to work with a great group of people this year and hopefully build bonds that I wouldn’t have been able to have without the SGA program,” said Czarnecki. 

As corresponding secretary, Czarnecki is responsible for running the SGA website, along with picking the music played during daily morning announcements and in the halls on Fridays.

Czarnecki is excited for the upcoming year and hopes to make a positive impact on the WHS community. Czarnecki said, “My main goal as corresponding secretary is to improve school spirit and give students the opportunities to have memorable high school experiences that I have thankfully been able to have at WHS.” 

Jack Kelly, Recording Secretary (Photo by Jack Kelly)

Jack Kelly

The 2020-2021 SGA Recording Secretary will be current sophomore Jack Kelly. This past year was Kelly’s first year in SGA, and he is looking forward to sharing his new ideas as an officer. As recording secretary, Kelly assists the president during organizations of student-planned events and keeps a log of every SGA meeting.

Kelly plans on doing more with his position though than what is in his job title. “My main goal as recording secretary is to make the entire student body more connected to the student government and I want to make sure all students are represented at SGA events,” said Kelly. “I want to implement a March Madness bracket challenge and food trucks, but my main goal is to further connect the SGA and the student body.”