Hi’s Eye Update: 2020-21

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As with everything in the world right now, Hi’s Eye is dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Please know that we are committed to our journalistic duty and are doing everything in our power to continue to print newspapers and deliver hard-hitting, high quality content to our community. 

Due to the hybrid schedule in place at Westfield High School this fall, Hi’s Eye will also be running on a hybrid schedule. We will print papers every other week and during the off week we will publish content on our website hiseye.org. We feel that this schedule will allow us to go either fully digital or go back to our weekly print schedule in the event that the school schedule changes during the year. We have reflected the price of the subscription to account for this hybrid plan.  

We will also be suspending homeroom delivery this year and will only be utilizing home delivery in order to follow Covid protections that have been put in place.  Please note that in the event that we must go ALL digital, we will be reaching out to ask if you would like to apply your subscription money to next year or use the money as a donation to the program. 

On an exciting note, during the 2019-2020 school year we planned to start a quarterly magazine to supplement Hi’s Eye. We are still moving forward with this plan and have a dedicated group of students ready to deliver on this project. This new magazine, Optic, will be in print and will be delivered four times throughout the year. This is something new and exciting for us and we hope that you will choose to subscribe to the magazine as well. 

Please click here for more information on subscriptions and pricing. And, as always we appreciate any donations as we are an independent publication and do not receive funding from the Board of Education. We welcome all new subscribers and thank our loyal readers for their continued support.  


              Jeremy Kornfeld & Aidan Morrison, Business Managers

              Shawn McDonald & Darren Finkel, Advisers