Meet the future of Dubfield

Julia McGann and Charlotte Dursee

Screenshot of Dubfield’s Instagram account

Since 2016, Dubfield Athletics’s presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has been well-known throughout the community. Dubfield is responsible for creating a fun culture for all sports and ensuring that every sport and individual athlete receive the appropriate coverage and recognition they deserve. 

Dubfield announces themes for WHS sporting events and keeps the account updated with scores so students who are unable to attend athletic events can feel involved. Each year a group of high school students takes on the responsibility of running the Dubfield social media accounts. The new 2020-21 admins are senior Jeremy Kornfeld, senior Johnny Heard and sophomore Jared Goldman.

In order to become an admin, candidates need to submit a paragraph to the Dubfield Instagram account explaining why they are fit to run the social media accounts and discuss their connection to WHS sports. The 2019-20 admin, Matt Goldman, said the account received over 50 applications. Within days, applicants were notified whether or not they got the job.

“When picking the new [admins] we were looking for people we recognized at all the sporting events,” Goldman said.

The purpose of Dubfield is all about bringing WHS students together. Goldman believes the new admins are well-known throughout the school and they can use their voices to encourage the student body to attend games and show off their Westfield spirit.

New admin Jared Goldman knew right away that Dubfield was something he wanted to become involved in. “As an avid sports fan and having many friends involved in high school sports, this had my name written all over it,” Goldman said. 

This year the new admins plan on continuing the legacy that Dubfield holds in Westfield. Goldman said they will keep the account “open to ideas that will enhance the platform.” Heard also says he wants to see the account grow and continue to be successful, even if it means making changes to the account.

Make sure to give @dubfieldathletics a follow on social media to keep up with WHS athletics and show school spirit.