Apple Makes a big splash with iOS 14

iOS 14 home screen (Photo by Megan Hinkel)

First there was iOS 1, then there was iOS 2, then there was 3, then 4, and now Apple has finally reached iOS 14. Millions of iPhone users have already downloaded iOS 14, but the users who haven’t are eager to know if iOS 14 lives up to the hype. 

Apple iOS 14 was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in late June and made available to the public on Sept. 17. Its launch came at an unusual time since new iOS applications are usually released alongside new iPhones. Nonetheless, the launch of iOS 14 has proven to be successful for Apple, as it is rapidly outpacing its predecessor, iOS 13. 

iOS 14 has been making a big splash in the tech world thanks to all the new enhancements that are included with this operating system. The new operating system is one of Apple’s biggest iOS updates in the company’s history, introducing home screen design, Siri improvements, updates for existing apps, and many other adjustments that streamline the iOS interface. 

Many Apple users were happy with the new features added in the latest update. WHS senior Sebastian Birse said, “So far I am really liking the new iOS update. It’s really easy to use and it has made my iPhone a lot more efficient. I like being able to design my home screen for my preferences. I would highly recommend iOS 14 to other Apple users.”

The new Widgets feature is definitely becoming a fan favorite. Widgets are small programs displayed in boxes on the screen. If these boxes are clicked on, users will be sent to the app that the specific Widget is for. Widgets are great for both personalizing the home screen and showing useful information like reminders or calendar events. The iOS 14 update also allows for home screens to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing, as you can add multiple photos on each screen with the Widgets. 

However, the organization of iOS 14 is a bit difficult to set up and use at first because it is so different from previous versions. Since it is now possible to hide apps from your home screen, it was originally difficult to navigate and find everything. After figuring out how to use the App Library, which is a new page that organizes all downloaded apps, the pages become easier to use.

Overall, the update has created many enjoyable features that allow for more organization and customization, although it takes some time to get used to. We would definitely recommend iOS 14 to anyone who likes an organized, aesthetically pleasing screen.