Optic Q & A: Sophia Rossetti

Charlotte Dursee, R3 Sports Editor

Optic Editor-in-Chief Sophia Rossetti (Photo by Jacob Wendler)

With the first-ever edition of Optic Magazine set to come out Oct. 30, Hi’s Eye sat down with senior Sophia Rossetti, editor-in-chief of Optic’s first edition. Rossetti covers her role on the staff and also gives a sneak peek into what readers should expect to see when they open up Optic for the first time.

Q: What are your responsibilities as an editor-in-chief?

A: As EIC, I oversee all articles that go into the magazine and make decisions regarding design, content, order, and more. There’s a LOT of decisions to be made for this issue because it’s our very first one, so we’re basically starting from scratch.

Q: What is the first edition of Optic going to be about?

A: Our first [publication] covers a lot of really intense issues that are gripping the country at this time. We discuss political divisions, racial justice issues and local elections. A lot of our issue basically discusses how young Americans are coming to grips with the world around us, especially in this really tumultuous year. You can expect to see a lot of students featured. It’s really timely and discusses what’s going on in the world right now and our voice and our place in it.

Q: What was your favorite part about creating the first magazine?

A: All of our staff have been great; we are working together really well. Everyone’s doing an awesome job. The part that I find the coolest about working on this magazine is that this is the first-ever edition of it. So, we get to make these decisions, set precedents, and come up with design elements — things that are going to carry through for the rest of the legacy of this magazine. It’s really cool to get to create this in its very first form. I am really excited to see how the legacy of Optic lives on in the future and what future students do with what we’ve created.

Q: Were there any challenges you or your staff faced while creating the magazine?

A: Hybrid scheduling with our staff split into different school days definitely posed a challenge for us. However, the whole team honestly did a great job of making it all work despite the circumstances.

Q: How can someone subscribe to the Optic?

A: To subscribe to Optic, go to the link in our Instagram bio (@theopticmag) for the subscription form. You can bring it to room 111 or mail it in.

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