Podcast: Reflecting on the NBA offseason

After a season that ended 355 days after it started, the 2020 NBA offseason was shrouded in uncertainty. How would the economic loss of having to complete the season in a “bubble” affect players with expired contracts? How would travel guidelines and limitations affect negotiations between teams and players and their agents? How would the quick turnaround of a Dec. 22 start date for the 2020-2021 season change the way teams handled the offseason? Will there be any new contenders for the NBA championship or will the top of the league remain unchanged?
While many people have tried to answer these questions over the last few months, nobody could have predicted the chaos that ensued during the NBA’s offseason period.
In this episode of the Around the League Podcast, Nate and Jake discuss their favorite and least favorite free agency signings, draft picks and trades that took place this offseason. The two also make predictions about how the offseason will affect next season’s standings and attempt to answer the biggest questions puzzling fans and players as the NBA season quickly approaches. They will also be giving in-depth commentaries on the offseasons of their favorite teams, the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks.