An ode to 2020

2020, you took a lot from all of us,
And you’ve caused the whole world such a terrible fuss.
Time to reflect,
2021, what’s to expect?
Follow along if you care to discuss.

You started with threats of World War Three
Which led to so many hilarious memes.
“Peace” ultimately prevailed,
But fires grew to a great scale
And the whole world came together to save the trees.

But then in March, the whole world flipped upside down;
A big scary virus started to spread around.
We had to stay home,
All day on Google Chrome,
And just about everyone had put on a few pounds.

It turned out a few weeks just wasn’t enough.
We’ve had to quarantine for so many months.
We’re “Alone, Together,”
“It can only get better,”
But the reality of the situation is just far too rough.

We will never forget the lives lost and hurt families,
Or the healthcare workers who were pushed to capacity.
We all clapped at seven,
Honored those now in heaven,
But you kept disappointing, the audacity!

Come summertime, you reminded us of racial injustices.
We say all their names, but know they are countless.
From Rice and Taylor,
To Floyd and Rosser,
Your war on racism won’t go on without all of us.

We said goodbye to a hapless senior class.
ECs and sports were canceled, no balls to pass.
A lost prom,
It seems so wrong,
We’ll always commend how they grew up so fast.

Movies, sports and live shows are all coming back.
But we’ve lost so many heroes, it’s hard to keep track.
From Kobe and RBG,
To Chadwick, Alex and Eddie,
2020, you’ve truly made all of our hearts crack.

Now, we’re heading into a dark winter.
It seems that Joe Biden was truly the winner.
Some people hate masks,
Think COVID ain’t bad,
And things still seem pretty bitter.

COVID may soon have a vaccine, but the rate won’t seem to buffer.
And sadly, so many more people are going to suffer.
But we trust Pfizer,
And all those wiser,
Plus, we know we’ll come out of this year that much tougher.

So, 2020, you’ve had all your reckless fun.
And now we wish that you’d never begun.
You cast all your spells,
Please just go to hell,
While we pray you don’t spill into 2021.