A conversation show about the ‘80s

2020 was quite the year. Between the spread of COVID-19, the ongoing quarantine and the 2020 election cycle dominating most headlines, this year was interesting. Many of the events of this year feel like they are going to be relevant for years to come, both socially and culturally. 

In the 1980s, specifically the year 1984, there were many moments that had the social and cultural impact that 2020 could potentially have in the future. The shifts in music, fashion, film, and politics that took place in the ‘80s are really interesting to look back on and in this podcast, we do just that.

In this podcast, Nate is joined by some of his fellow Hi’s Eye staff members to discuss the shifts that took place in the 1980s, how they compare to today and how the different subjects could potentially evolve in the next few decades. 

Fashion – :32 

Music – 27:15 

Politics – 52:20 

Movies – 1:23.50