Marvel and Star Wars podcast: A glance into the futures of two universes

As 2020 ends and 2021 begins, Marvel and Star Wars fans alike share a strong feeling of anticipation for the future of both cinematic universes. On Dec. 10, Disney Investor Day, new Marvel and Star Wars projects were confirmed.

 Upon release, fans were not hesitant to share their opinions and theories online regarding these new shows and movies.  In this podcast, we discuss our opinions about these cinematic additions, which will be released via streaming service Disney+, along with new movies that will hopefully be viewed in theaters.  

Both Marvel and Star Wars franchises are preparing to expand into the future with these recently announced projects. In this podcast, Nate Lechner, Hi’s Eye Op-Ed Editor and podcast guru, is joined by Hi’s Eye News Editor and fellow Marvel and Star Wars fanatic, Giulia Giannetta, to discuss their opinions, excitement and criticism of these new announcements.