Spotlighting senior projects at WHS


Photo courtesy of Lousie Sur

Food made by Louise Sur for her senior project

The Senior Project is an assignment given to seniors towards the end of the school year. It is an opportunity for students to explore a field of interest that they might not have learned much about during high school or had the time to research in-depth. Although many students are currently in the early phases of this project, Hi’s Eye spoke to a few students who have come up with unique ideas. 

Katie McHugh 

For McHugh’s Senior Project, she will be learning how to Irish Step Dance. McHugh said she was inspired by her younger sister Nora who “is a huge Irish Dancer and has been for the past few years.” For the assignment, McHugh will attend dance classes with her sister in hopes of learning a few steps. Her goal for this project is to end the school year in a fun way by trying to learn something new that she has seen her sister enjoying for years.

Dylan Berger

Berger will be creating a vlog channel to document a day in the life of a high school student during these unprecedented, crazy times. “Someone who really inspired me is David Dobrik. I loved watching his vlogs and how they make you feel like you are a part of the vlog squad,” Berger said. He wants the viewers to feel like they’re going through these adventures with him. Berger’s ultimate goal is to be able to look back one day when we aren’t living through the pandemic and recall the world we were living in at that time. “I want to be able to show my kids, so they can see what my senior year of high school was like,” Berger said. 

Louise Sur

Sur is making a food newsletter which focuses on one country per week. Along with learning about new cultures and cooking, her project involves photography, creative writing and recipe development. “With our inability to travel to other countries right now, I hope that this will give me some semblance of exploring a new culture/place during this very limiting time,” said Sur.

Julia Mackey

Mackey is planning on designing and making her own prom dress from scratch. She will then be writing her research paper on clothing sustainability and the environmental benefits of making your own clothes, thrifting and donating. Mackey said, “I want to be able to say I made my own dress and have something no one else could have. I also think it’ll be a great learning experience for sewing and designing.”

Emily Mautone

Mautone is “a firm believer in the concept of food as medicine,” so for her project, she is making “a recipe book with a focus on food as medicine and kitchen witchery, that also has the ability to accommodate vegans, and people with food sensitivities, as everyone’s body is different and requires unique sustenance.”