Over-the-top college celebrations put injustice on display


Photo courtesy of an anonymous source

Example of a decorated bed

With nearly every step of the college application process, inequality is introduced as those with a higher socioeconomic status can pay more to advance their education. Whether it is an expensive SAT tutor or attending a private school that feeds students to top universities, financial inequality is reflected in the college admissions process. So, it is no surprise that once a student chooses a college, those who come from a higher socioeconomic background have the privilege of flaunting their school choice with expensive celebrations. 

Bed decorations have been a recent trend exhibited on social media. In these celebrations, students decorate their beds with items from their college ranging from clothes to food in their school’s colors, blankets and sometimes even a bedazzled bottle of champagne. This over-the-top display can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, and is then, of course, posted all over social media. 

While it is understandable for students to be excited about their college acceptance, exorbitant bed decorations are completely unnecessary. Should students who can’t afford a lavish celebration feel less excited? These costly celebrations further the economic gap evident in the college admissions process and are made to reflect the status and prestige of a school. Students who choose a school they may feel overqualified for, but must attend for financial reasons, may also feel diminished by their peers’ costly bed decorations they see all over their social media feeds. 

Bed decorations are not the only excessive way to honor college admissions. As seen on social media in rising popularity, when students select a roommate they may receive a gift from their new roommate in the mail. These gifts are often ornate desserts like chocolate-covered Oreos, cupcakes or breakable chocolate hearts, which come with a high price when they are customized for a school. Roommate gifts are superfluous and diminish those who come from a lower socioeconomic class who cannot afford to spend money on paying for their future roommate’s friendship. 

 Whether it is a bed decorated with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise or a package of custom cupcakes, it is not necessary to spend excessive amounts of money in order to be excited about college. When flaunting success in the college application process with elaborate celebrations, everyone should try to keep in mind that some students may not be as fortunate.