A look into Hi’s Eye University

There are a variety of factors that set colleges apart: location, academic rigor, athletics, student body, social life, political climate, research opportunities, etc. Yet, somehow, most introductory videos, information sessions and virtual tours look remarkably similar. While schools should be magnifying their differences and finding new, creative ways to attract prospective students, too often they employ the same tired format and cliches, making it difficult for students to discern between schools and truly connect with any of their options. 

This would have been especially helpful for the Class of ’21 since schools relied more heavily on online platforms than ever before due to the pandemic. It’s hard to decide where you want to spend the next four years when every school you’re applying to has the same state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning programs. 

This was the inspiration for Hi’s Eye University, a selective institution right here in Westfield. After enduring the application and decision process firsthand and sitting through dozens of painful prospective and admitted students videos, we decided to make our own. Featuring Hi’s Eye staff, our wonderful advisor, Shawn McDonald and some friendly faces from the senior class, we transformed Room 111 and the halls of WHS into facets of a prestigious university to create our own information session/virtual tour. 

As of print deadline, Hi’s Eye University is a figment of our imagination and there are no current efforts to turn the newspaper into a college. However,  if this dream becomes a reality, as always, we will be the first to report the news.