Tradition vs. Coronavirus

How seniors should balance the pandemic and partying

Courtesy of Todd Lappin on

For many years, Westfield seniors have kept the tradition of prom house and senior skip day strong. Westfield seniors gather in prom houses usually located in Seaside, N.J. for a weekend with their closest, or not-so-close friends, to celebrate their high school experience the weekend after prom. However, even with COVID-19 concerns, WHS seniors still plan on taking part in these long-lived traditions. 

With a number of seniors attending prom houses reaching to numbers over seventy students in a single house, concerns begin to arise. The indoor setting is truly where the party begins and with numbers as high as seventy in a confined space, students without vaccines must be aware of their actions. Even though many seniors are beginning to or are already vaccinated, the percentage who are not vaccinated could potentially play a role in the spread of COVID-19. 

There is no stopping seniors from going to their prom houses, especially with the dedication that they put towards planning it months in advance. Seniors typically are legal adults who now can make their own decisions whether they chose to take precautions or not.

Some ways seniors who are not vaccinated can be more precautionary and mindful to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 is by quarantining in their houses after attending prom houses and refraining from going to school. Seniors should also keep in mind that school can be shut down due to an outbreak occurring after prom weekend, leading to school closure for the last day of school for themselves and other students. 

As the number of people getting vaccinated rises, the  COVID-19 restrictions have begun to ease up. The guidelines for people in an outdoor setting now have no capacity which entitles seniors to be able to participate in outdoor activities with no restrictions. Indoor settings however still have guidelines, including six feet rules. There is no doubt that seniors will be within six feet inside the prom houses without masks, meaning that the likelihood of a COVID-19 spread is bound to happen. 

Keeping in mind all precautions against COVID-19 seniors can still participate in the traditions they have been waiting for. Seniors should remember the balance between partying and the safety of others along with themselves. Seniors deserve to finally relax after finishing their high school careers and prom house is certainly the way to end with a bang, safely of course.